Thanks a lot

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.  Seventeen years ago today, we spend the holiday in Nuremberg with Run On.  We play “Be Thankful for What You Got” and Alan Licht joins us for “Know It’s Alright.”  Three other times we performed on Thanksgiving, all outside of the U.S., of course.  I mean, who in their right minds would schedule a concert in the U.S. on Thanksgiving?  The Kinks, that’s who–and if I haven’t already (I have), I’d like to thank my family for moving dinner to the afternoon so I could take the train to New York and see their performance of Preservation at the Felt Forum in 1974.  I was back the next night for the same show, which let out around the time of Elton John at Madison Square Garden.  As the two crowds mingled en route to the street, we learned that John Lennon had sat in with Elton, in what would turn out to be the last time he appeared on stage.

Hey, I’m not that tech savvy.  Can someone explain to me why this is photo #24 that comes up when I google “kinks preservation”?