September 19, 2010

Who Asked You?: The Video Edition
A Collection of Interviews & Press What-Nots compiled by Nick “Stewey” Morehouse, YLT personal chef/webmaster

Hopefully by now, you’ve all grabbed tickets for YLT’s sorta-annual Eight Nights Of Hanukkah at Maxwell’s. If not, be sure to check our schedule page, where I’ve been furiously updating the current status of ticket availability. (As of this typing, all nights are sold out online, and in-person tickets are sold out from 12/2 through 12/5; Tunes (Hoboken) and Other Music (NYC) both have a handful of tickets left for 12/6 and 12/7, and there is exactly one ticket left at Tunes in Hoboken for 12/1, and precisely one ticket left at Other Music in NYC for 12/8… Turn off your computer and hurry!!!)

Those of you with tickets in pocket can sit back and enjoy some videos instead:

The other week, Yo La Tengo played England’s End of the Road Festival, and thanks to Bobby Beattie, we’ve got footage of their cover of Times New Viking‘s “Move to California.” Thanks to “the dude” for holding up those lyrics! Good thing you were there!

And from a 1987 appearance on the TV show “Psychotic Reaction”, here’s the band performing “House Fall Down” with German bassist Stephan Wichnewski.