On September 16, 1990 we opened for the Sundays in Cleveland, and for a while it was like any other show.  And then late in the set, “What Can I Say” started–when Georgia opened her mouth to sing, nothing came out, forcing me to jump in for an impromptu lead vocal.  By the next day, she had completely lost her voice, to an extent I thought only possible in cartoons.  As anyone familiar with the Fakebook lp can imagine, this put quite the crimp in our performance 24 years ago today in Ann Arbor.  Mary Lorson sang harmony on “Tried So Hard,” but otherwise it was the Me Show.  Very strange.  Eight years later, Georgia is in fine fettle at Maxwell’s.  In retrospect it looks like a rehearsal for Hanukkah: four nights in a row, with lots of interaction with the other bands on the bill.  Playing with the Mad Scene on this, the final night of the run, our set opens with a verse of “I Got You Babe,” referencing the five-years-old-but-still-topical Groundhog Day, and features an encore of “A Day in the Life of a Tree,” which despite Scott Schinder’s kibitzing will not be heard from again until we record it in 2013 for the “Super Kiwi” 45.