Slang city rockers

In 2010, City Slang nabob Christof Ellinghaus invited us to take part in his label’s 20th anniversary celebration.  Specifically, he asked us to play, in its entirety, Fakebook, the first record of ours he released (previous to that he was our German booking agent).  We politely–at least I think it was politely–declined, making the counteroffer to see if Dave Schramm would join us for an acoustic set of songs that came out on City Slang (everything through Electr-o-pura, though looking at the setlist, I see nothing post-Painful).  Dave was amenable, so that’s what we did, four years ago today.  The concert took place in a beautiful old Berlin theater, the downside of which was that anything German of a certain age comes with a Nazi past–it was pointed out to us the box from where Goebbels enjoyed many an opera, perhaps accompanied on occasion by Hitler.  We sat somewhere else for Lambchop’s performance of Is a Woman.