Heather from Baltimore writes:
My most visceral YLT memory is spring semester, 1997, staying up all night on the last night before finals week ended.  I played “Center of Gravity” on repeat on my CD player the entire time I wrote all 4 term papers for my University of Montana Shakespeare class (56 pages in 8 hours).  I got an A in that class, and I think YLT deserves at least partial credit.  (Coffee also deserves some credit, and my firm commitment to procrastination.)  She guesses that the morning in question is May 16, earning high marks for honesty by conceding: (That’s an educated guess because I don’t have that year’s academic calendar anymore.)  Had she hightailed it back to Baltimore, she might have arrived at Fletcher’s in time for the first night of our I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One tour.  “Center of Gravity” was not in the set, but presumably she had heard enough of it by then.