September 29, 2009

Enjoying a few relaxing days off–spending an inordinate amount of time in uptown Manhattan: last Saturday night, we saw Extract (was that Mike Judge in a cameo?  We’d have consulted the credits but the cineastes running the AMC Loews 84th St. were in such a frenzy to restart the advertising that they turned off the movie somewhere between THE and END) and today we donned our berets and turtlenecks and took in the Robert Frank exhibit at the Met.  En route, was invited to “fuck off” while biking through Central Park.

And speaking of berets, we have some exciting news about our November tour of Europe.  Joining us on ten dates will be France’s own Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby!  Come early, stay late, follow the tour from city to city.  You’ll regret none of it.  More details on the Schedule page.

Wondered if I could find a photo of Eric and Amy on stage with us at Hanukkah, so I did a search at Google images.  I figured this was close enough: