Please Roskilde me

Eighteen years ago today, we are in Denmark for the Roskilde festival, and have a pretty good time.  Our set goes well, and features a guest appearance by 18th Dye’s Sebastian Buttrich in his adopted home town.  We see Stereolab and Elvis Costello & the Attractions–one of which ends with the lead singer screaming at his band.  Not that we’re regulars on the festival circuit, but this is the mellowest one we’ve ever seen, depending on your feelings about rampant public urination.  Our take is that it could be worse, so long as it doesn’t get to the point when men are peeing where they stand while watching a band, beer in hand.  And when it does get to that point, during ZZ Top’s festival-concluding performance, we take our leave.  But nobody feels too bad about that–we liked them better when they were a four-piece.