Oh you beautiful doll

Our one and as yet only shows in Moorhead, Minnesota and Istanbul occur on this date.  The former, in 1993, features an impromptu four-song acoustic set when our rock proves too powerful for the electrical system.  Preceding the latter, in 2012, our touring party is strolling the city streets when Joe Puleo spots a battery-operated doll that bears an uncanny resemblance to guitar tech Gil Divine (who coincidentally will be ending his nine-year tenure with the organization after the concert in Istanbul).  Joe makes a purchase without so much as a haggle, scandalizing our guides, and the next night Gils lil’ and big join us on “Nuclear War,” with James throwing Georgia’s “tell ’em about it” line Gil’s way instead.  Also on November 10 is a 1995 appearance at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, for the first time since the previous summer’s Lollapalooza.  We invite our side stage-mates the Coctails–traveling sans their doppelgangers–to help us out, and the four of them shuffle on and off the stage throughout the night, as owners of the “Sugarcube ” cd and The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc will need no reminding.