October 2, 2011

Bike MS took place earlier today.   We joined our Agoraphone/Other Music teammates just after sunrise and enjoyed a delightful 30-mile circuit of Manhattan.  Here’s me and team captain Dawn Madell arguing about who’s got the cooler footwear during our mid-ride break.

We want to thank everyone who donated to Georgia and me.  Your generosity not only supported a great cause, but earned each of us a complimentary ice cream cone, courtesy of Ben & Jerry‘s.  It’s too late for us to have seconds, but not for you to donate to Georgia and me and Bike MS.

Speaking of marathons, we were unable to interrupt our preparatory regimen of carbo loading and squat thrusts, but I hope you were in Asbury Park to catch James taking part in Oneida‘s Ocropolis.   A photographer on the scene that we are only at liberty to refer to as “Cosmic Charlie” sent us this snap of James along with Shinji Masuko (DMBQ/ Boredoms), Oneida’s Showtime and Hanoi Jane, and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs/Spectre Folk).