May 18, 2002

Painleve showHello.

Thanks to all the nice people who came to our Painleve shows last month, and those who helped us put on the shows (especially the emergency rescue projectionist in Boston). We had a lot of fun. We’ll be doing this presentation one more time, at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona on Friday, June 14. After that? We dunno.

Also, extra-special thanks to everyone who was kind enough to buy our Sounds of The Sounds of Science CD through the mail, old-school money-order style. We apologize again for the delay in credit card technology on our part. What else can we say, besides "what a goddamn pain in the ass." But it’s coming, and soon, we swear.

ortho cover artThere’s a new edition of Full Swing’s Edits series of EP’s, and on this new one (#4), we are his source material. It’s on Kit Clayton’s awfully good Orthlorng Musork record label. It’s available from them, or also from your finer record sellers.

Gregory Crewdson, whose photos comprised the artwork for And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, is having two shows this spring and summer. If you’re in the area, please stop by and view his mind-boggling work. If you’re not, then plan a trip.

Luhring Augustine
531 West 24th St. (between 10 and 11th Ave.), NYC
Tues-Sat 10-6, through June 15

Gagosian Gallery
456 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
June 29 – August 3, Tues-Sat 10-6

gorilla suitWhere do songs come from?

It’s been so long, we forget. So now we’re going to buckle down and make up some new ones. We’ll keep you posted.