March 21, 2008

Waltz Across Sixth Street

— or —

I’m With the Wristband

Did you miss South by Southwest but want to experience all the magic? Here’s what you do: (1) Put a name tag on your shirt. (2) Put three pair of headphones on your head, each one set to a different iPod on shuffle. (3) Head to the grocery store. Pick up a can of peaches and get on the longest checkout line. Wait your turn, then remember that you forgot the peanut butter; go back and get it, and then go to the back of the longest checkout line. Repeat until you can’t take it anymore. When you finally check out, no matter how much money the cashier asks for, pay $650. Then come home and check out any of the following clips:

  • Saturday March 8 was the premiere of The Toe Tactic and IFC News talked to writer/director Emily Hubley. On Tuesday, March 11, we played an IFC party at the Parish, and Ira got his turn under the harsh glare of the IFC News klieg light. The interviews and “Mr. Tough” can be found here
  • On Thursday March 13, we took part in a tribute to Lou Reed, performing “She’s My Best Friend” and “I Heard Her Call My Name.” Here’s a snippet. Watch for a cameo by Eugene Mirman!
  • Here’s our set from the Austin Music Hall later that evening, opening for My Morning Jacket.
  • The next day we played an acoustic set at the Other Music shindig. Videos have been posted for “Autumn Sweater” and “The Story of Yo La Tango”.
  • Later that night, Ira sat in on saxophone with Half Japanese! Click here for MP3’s from the set, and here’s some videos: