December 18, 2002

Hanukkah’s come and gone and we want to thank everyone who came to the shows and who played at the shows and who helped with the shows. Boy, are our arms tired. We’ll be posting a bunch of photos in the near future, but in the meantime, here’s what happened:

  • Fri. Nov. 29: benefiting Social Tees Animal Rescue and the Dolphin Project
    Janeane Garofalo, David Grubbs. David joined us for four songs during our set. Ronnie Spector sang "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" and "Baby I Love You" with us during the encore.
  • Sat. Nov. 30: benefiting Arts for Art
    Todd Barry, Other Dimensions in Music. (Daniel Carter was replaced for this night by Sabir Mateen). Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell Jr., and William Parker sat in for most of our set. During the encore, Todd Barry played drums on "Like a Rolling Stone" and John Cameron Mitchell sang "Head Held High" and "Holly Holy."
  • Sun. Dec. 1: benefiting the Hoboken Shelter
    Fred Armisen, the Fleshtones. Peter Zaremba sang two songs with us during our set. Fred Armisen (as Ferecito) joined us during "Nuclear War." Ray Davies sang "Animal Farm," "This Is Where I Belong" and "Till the End of the Day" with us for the encore.
  • Mon. Dec 2: benefiting the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University
    Girl’s Guitar Club of Greater Los Angeles, Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen. Some of the Arkestra sang on "Nuclear War." The Girl’s Guitar Club sang "This Ain’t the Summer of Love" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" with us during the encore.
  • Tues. Dec. 3: benefiting Global Kids
    David Cross, Ladybug Transistor. David Byrne joined us for an encore of "Ready for This World" (a new song of his), "Tears Are in Your Eyes," Lambchop’s "The Man Who Loved Beer," Richard Hell’s "Love Comes in Spurts" and "Pulled Up."
  • Wed. Dec 4: benefiting Sanctuary for Families
    Sarah Silverman, Virginia Dare. Mary and Brad from Virginia Dare played "I Threw It All Away" with us.
  • Thurs. Dec. 5: benefiting WFMU, Anthology Film Archives, and Film Forum
    Karen Kilgariff, Sue Garner. Dave Schramm sat in with us during our set. We all played with Sue on Yoko Ono’s "We’re All Water." Sue and Ted Reichman joined us during the encore for Randy Newman’s "Political Science," then Rick Brown came up too and sang the Art Attacks’ "Neutron Bomb." Then WFMU’s Gaylord Fields and Brian Turner, and Peter Criss (or was it Todd Barry) helped us play "Calling Dr. Love" and "Strutter."
  • Fri. Dec. 6: benefiting the Highlands Coalition
    Sountrackapella, Portastatic. Georgia and Ira played on some Portastatic numbers. Mac played the whole show with us. Matthew McCaughan added bongos during the encore.