New New Brunswick blues

When Dave Rick became our original bassist, we knew that sooner or later he’d quit to form his own band with his buddy Jerry Smith.  What we didn’t know (and in fact, still don’t know, but are putting 2 and 2 together) was that he always dreamed of performing in New Brunswick.  Well, 25 years ago today, we did just that, playing a show at the Court Tavern with Spiral Jetty, and Dave promptly relinquished the bass chair.  A little over a year later, after Dave Schramm’s departure, from time to time Dave would return on lead guitar.

Peter from Long Beach, CA sent us four different anecdotes from four different days and we selected this one: I assembled a 4 piece ensemble to play Danelectro 3 and 2 (I think, can’t remember the numbers for sure), complete with timpani and the whole deal for my wedding.  Everyone was blown away by how awesome our wedding was, obviously.