Milan and Juventus and a singer named Joe

Eleven years ago today, you’ll recall, Juventus played Milan in UEFA Champions League final, the first time two Italian teams faced off for the European championship.  In a stroke of bad timing, we were performing in Bologna that night.  Knowing that attendance would be spotty until the match ended, we were happy to delay our set.  And when it was still scoreless after 90 minutes, necessitating first one than a second period of extra time, we waited some more.  Still no score.  Milan eventually won in a shootout, and finally, we could go on–but in a pre-social media era, who’s going to guess that we’ve accommodated Italian football fans (i.e. all of Italy) by starting 90 minutes late?  Answer: not that many.  We open with Joe singing “We Are the Champions” and celebrate the end of another tour by bringing the crew up to help on an encore of “Little Honda.”   More world travels on this day and non-standard YLT activity abounds.   In 2005, we performed The Sounds of Science at Tokyo’s Laforet Museum.  In 2010 the Condo Fucks entertained Primavera Sound attendees in Barcelona (Colin Newman told us that our set closer “Remake/Remodel” was too slow, but he was wrong).  And two years ago, en route to another Primavera, I took part in the Big Star Third tribute concert in London, a show which concluded with Ray Davies singing “The Letter.”