Metro-politan life

Our second appearance ever in Chicago takes place 27 years ago today, and it hasn’t taken long for it to be high on the list of our favorite cities.  Tonight we’re at the Cabaret Metro, and it goes well, a nice sendoff for the 12-hour overnight drive home as this is the last date of our tour.  As you’ll note, the beginning of our show is timed so that one can go see R.E.M. first, or indeed so that R.E.M. themselves can come hang out.  And sure enough, at one point in the evening, someone bursts into the dressing room–in my memory, his clothes are in tatters due to the difficulty of his trek, but surely I’m embellishing–to report, “Mike’s here!  Mills, not Stipe.”  In 2011, the Condo Fucks open for Athens’s own the Glands at the Mercury Lounge.


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