March 8, 2010

Thanks to everyone who joined in the hysteria last Friday night as Georgia, James, Bruce and I took to the airwaves to grapple with your requests in return for donations of your hard-earned $$ to WFMU. And I do mean everyone. There were more pledges coming through than we could compute – it’s only now that I’m realizing how many we never acknowledged at all, not even in the empty-the-bench closing medley of “Sex Bomb.” With that in mind, we want to send our regrets to Andrew in Brooklyn,  Conor in D.C., Bean Bag Amerika in Brooklyn, Laurie in Chapel Hill, Ann in Flushing, Daniel in Flushing, John and Becky in Greenwich, Ann and Evan in Providence, Stephen in West Chester – this is getting to be like the end of Romper Room – Stephen in Canada, Chris in Madison, Ben in NYC, and Arlene in Jersey City for overlooking their suggestions. But we want to send out our most profuse apologies to everyone whose request we did take and the resultant bloodshed. And I do mean bloodshed. Even before the night was over, revisionism had set in, positing that my index finger started gushing blood during “TV Eye.” But I’m here to tell you it happened during our incendiary take on “Second Hand News.” Thanks again to one and all. Keep supporting WFMU.