March 13, 2011

Photo Credit: Jeff Moore

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to WFMU during last week’s Mostly-Annual All Request Marathon. You can check out a setlist on the WFMU Blog here. The 2011 Fundraising Marathon ends tonight, so if you haven’t had a chance to make a pledge to WFMU, go do that right now, and then come back here for another round of…

Who Asked You?
A Collection of Interviews & Press What-Nots compiled by Nick “Stewey” Morehouse, YLT personal chef/webmaster

• Well, someone asked Georgia what her top ten favorite Criterion movies are, and you can read her list here.

• Ira’s got some reflections on “Sitcom Theater” at the LA Times Blog.

• And click here to listen to an interview the band did for Missoula college radio station KBGA.