Kelowna it’s me

June 26 is so eventful for us over the years that I don’t know which 930 Club appearance to start with.  Let’s go chronologically.  In 1990, we had just begun touring supporting the Sundays when I got Lyme disease.  Luckily, it was caught early, and we never missed a show, although I was pretty loopy for this one.  (I even neglected to note the setlist!)  Eight years later, and a brownout in D.C. keeps the club from opening while hundreds of people wait on line.  When it’s determined that the date will have to be postponed, we go outside with a Casio, an acoustic guitar and some percussion and play eight songs.  Of course, given the way we project, I suspect no one actually heard us, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  But my favorite memory of the day comes in 1995.  When we get offered the sidestage for the first two weeks of Lollapalooza, beginning in the northwest, we do some quick rerouting, resulting in three stops in western Canada, including this date in Kelowna.  As usual, our contract calls for some provision for dinner–most venues give us money to fend for ourselves, sometimes a meal is provided in-house.  Never before had we been invited to the promoter’s home where his dad would be grilling steaks.   At some point, the promoter’s little brother made a brief appearance, picked up some food and split–it was explained that he was in the doghouse, having recently been nailed for racking up an enormous long-distance phone bill for calls to an Asian sex line!


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