Just like a yo-yo

It was, as they say, 20 years ago today.  Georgia and I are in Olympia, WA, playing a duo acoustic set at Yoyo A Go-Go (and boy is the internet undecided about the correct punctuation).  However it’s my appearance two days earlier that causes the bigger stir, landing me on the front page of the newspaper.  Modesty compels me to note that there might have been other factors contributing to the media deluge, specifically it being the first time that Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl had shared a stage since the death of Kurt Cobain.  I had signed on to play guitar with the Stinky Puffs, fronted by Jad Fair’s then-wife Sheena’s son, Simon (and including both Jad and Sheena in the band).  Half Japanese, you may recall, had toured with Nirvana, and Simon had written a song about Kurt called “I Love You Anyway.”  Can’t recall when I first heard Krist would be involved, but I know for sure that he was in the dressing room with us beforehand, running through the tunes.  Dave joined the group during changeover.  A second drum set was located and that was that–I believe he is the only person I’ve ever been in a band with that I’ve never met.  Perhaps someone with better search engine skills than mine can find the live photo that names the band from left to right, identifying Eric Eble (who relinquished his bass to Krist, and joined me on guitar) and me as “two others.”