I’ve left memories behind

We asked Dave Schramm to play some guitar on our first Water Music session (where we recorded the “River of Water” single and our contribution to Luxury Condos), and were so happy with the results that we invited him to join the live act as well.  Somewhat surprisingly, he agreed.  His first shows were 29 years and one week ago, our Boston debut, followed on this day with an appearance at Maxwell’s, opening for the Go-Betweens.  New to the repertoire: “The Cone of Silence.”  Twenty-four years later, wearing our Condo Fucks hats, we return to an old haunt, T.T. the Bear in Cambridge, to help Jon Bernhardt commemorate 25 years on WMBR.  In case anyone forgets where they are, our set includes DMZ’s (by way of the Fugs) “Frenzy,” the Lyres’ (by way of the Customs) “Long Gone,” Pep Lester’s “Ben Wa Baby” and Classic Ruins’ “1 + 1 < 2” (which James performed once before, with Christmas).  For an encore, we empty the bench, adding Sleepyhead and the Bevis Frond for “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die,” saluting our pal Chris Knox in the weeks following his stroke (coincidentally, the last time we were at T.T.’s, it was with Tall Dwarfs).