I’m so invited!

In 2008, Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale asked us to take part in the three-night blowout they were throwing to bring their weekly comedy show Invite Them Up to a close.   We planned a four-song set for this date, six years ago, opening with the Condo Fucks favorite “Come On Up” reworded to “Invite Them Up,” and closing with Marcie Blane’s “Bobby’s Girl” (second chorus: Eugene’s girl).  And then Georgia caught the flu and was much too sick to play.   Pulling out our Rolodex, we went to the card that said DRUMMERS and there was only one name: Todd Barry.  He cancelled a few engagements and hightailed it to Rififi to save the day.

In another century and another state, we were playing our one and only show at Passaic’s Loop Lounge in 1987.  For one last time, original bassist, Dave Rick, was on lead guitar, as he had been for most of our dates since Dave Schramm’s departure in August of ’86.    Is it possible that we didn’t play with Dave again till Hanukkah 2007?  What were we thinking?