Gilmore fun in the new world

I’ve got a long story to tell tomorrow, so I’m going to take advantage of a slow news day on April 7 to do a little housecleaning.  Amid all the hubbub in New Orleans yesterday, I couldn’t find an opening to mention April 6, 2006.  In one action-packed day we passed the afternoon on a Warner Bros. lot filming the Gilmore Girls with Ron Mael, Dave “Gruber” Allen, and Russell Mael, and split our night between an incredible comedy lineup at the Steve Allen Theater and, even more incredibly, a reunion of the Flesh Eaters’ Minute to Pray lineup.  I’ll mention right now that on April 8, 2003, Summer Sun was released, clearing the way for tomorrow’s saga.  Teaser: Just like today’s, a cast member of Freaks & Geeks will make an appearance.