February 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

Friday night, the Yo La Tengo Quartet — James, Georgia, me and Mr. Bruce Bennett — will return to WFMU’s Studio A and attempt to play whatever song you ask us to play. If you’ve tuned in to this catastrophe before, you know that it stretches the definition of “entertainment” up to and beyond the breaking point, and all for the benefit of WFMU, which is merely, why mince words, the greatest radio station in the world.

WFMU is in the midst of their annual fundraiser. On Friday, March 2, we will join host Pseu Braun and co-host Gaylord Fields, from the hours of 9 pm till midnight (Eastern Time). Everyone who pledges $100 to WFMU for this program gets to make a song request and we will do our utmost to honor it.

As you may know, the requests start to snowball as the show goes on, so your best chance to hear us butcher your selection is to get it in early. With that in mind, you might want to consider pledging now. Click here and follow the instructions. When you get the opportunity to make a comment, put in your song request. We swear on a stack of Saturn 45’s that we will have no knowledge of what has been requested until 9:10 p.m., when the WFMU Marathon 9000 computer spits out the advance pledge cards.

(You know — if you pledge $180, you get to choose three dj premiums, a perfect opportunity to pick up Michael Shelley’s Super Hits of the Seventies, which includes — among many others — our version of “I Saw the Light.”)

Do I have to tell you that WFMU can be found at 91.1 in the greater Jersey City area, and 90.1 somewhere in upstate New York, and at wfmu.org everywhere else? Too late, I just did.

till Friday, Ira