Deep Ellum blues

Ever wonder about the lyrics to “Attack on Love”?  Of course, you have!  Guest chronicler, James, provides a selection from his diary on the 20th anniversary of their genesis.  Gentleman?  I always remembered it as a young woman. . . .


Short drive to Dallas.  Lizard Lounge has a very small stage, too small for tonight’s three-band bill.  My head hurts.  Too-quiet afternoon walk through deserted, urine-scented Deep Ellum.  We do a good soundcheck.  Local favorites Trish & Darren are on first, and the audience goes WILD for them!!!  Like no exaggerating, legit-type wild.  Crowd is pumped!!!  We are on next.  People really, really do not like us.  At all.  We bring the room way down, very fast.  Most of the people who were up front sat down on the floor.  Several of them voiced their opinions of our band.  At one particularly quiet moment, one gentleman informed us, “Hey man, y’all suck.”   Overall it was a blast, I thought we played great.  We stood by the t-shirt area while the Juliana Hatfield 3 were on and met several people who claimed to have liked our set.  Fight the power.  Went somewhere to eat after, Terry was mad, I don’t remember why.  Great sandwich, though.  The woman who checked us into our hotel rooms was at least 6’6″, maybe 250 lbs, not an ounce of fat, beautiful long blonde hair.  She was the biggest woman I had ever seen in my life.