December 31, 2012

Who Asked You?
A Collection of Interviews & Press What-Nots compiled by Nick “Stewey” Morehouse, YLT personal chef/webmaster

• Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hanukkah shows at Maxwell’s earlier this month. The New York Times wrote about it here. For everyone downloading/ streaming live recordings of our Hanukkah benefit shows, please consider donating to the charities with us. You can find links to them from Ira’s 2012 Hanukkah Diary.

• Speaking of Ira, he spoke with recently about some of his favorite meals and restaurants (somehow forgetting to mention Stewey).

• And finally, a very talented vandal painted this graffiti in California. Thank you, talented vandal!

• You can read more about the cover of Fade in an interview with photographer Carlie Armstrong for the Williamette Week.