Twenty-six years ago today, we open for the Volcano Suns at Maxwell’s, and perform their song “Cover” as part of our three-song encore.   I’ll repeat that: Three.  Song.  Encore.   That seems so another-era that I would not be surprised to see that photos of that night reveal us to be wearing spats.  In any case, I’m sure our doing their song happened with their encouragement, and it’s possible that they did it in their set too, with me joining in.  Or did I play bongos on “Greasy Spine“?   Twelve years later, we conclude our engagement at the Great American Music Hall.  Barbara Manning sings along on “Billy Two” and we end the shebang with a Lambchop-aided rendition of “Love Power” (Lorenzo St. DuBois‘s, not the Sandpebbles‘).   Lambchop also on board earlier in the day as Luc Suer records our soundcheck version of the Bonzo Dog Band’s “Ready-Mades” live to two-track, later to be released as the b-side of “You Can Have It All.”