Cool Colm recollected

Between the Lyme disease and the bright lights of Kelowna, I’ve yet to mention our tour with My Bloody Valentine, nearly a week into it.  On this day 22 years ago Buffalo Tom and we could not be made to feel more welcome by the fine folks at the Gothic Theater in Denver.  Recollects Georgia: on the 1st day of our tour opening for MBV i remember deb googe asking me how old i was because when we were sound checking she thought i was a 14 yr old boy.  i think it was a compliment, at least that’s how i took it.  later on she revealed how cool it was that the members of YLT were about the same age as the members of MBV.  we got to be friends right away.  Unlike both opening acts, My Bloody Valentine were in a tour bus, which meant that they were driving while we slept, and that meant that we had a lot of catching up to do by day.  It seemed like the only time we were ever passed on the highway it was by Buffalo Tom’s van.  There was no better place to watch “You Made Me Realise” than the wings.  You got to see the audience response, which ranged from being completely enraptured to ear-plugging horror, sometimes from the same person a few minutes apart.  On the right night–and this was one of them–you had the bonus of terrified club personnel backstage, convinced that their p.a. was about to spontaneously combust.  And think about that marquee for a moment, and how much less insulting it would have been if they hadn’t bothered to include the ETC.


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