Chain smokin’

On this day in 1990, our acoustic lineup opens for the Sundays at Chicago’s Cabaret Metro, and then we dash over to the Rainbo, and play two more sets.  Two years earlier, we perform “Drug Test” for the first time, at the Mitternacht in Hamburg.  And speaking of drug tests, and in the spirit of the World Cup, international competition has captured our attention right now.  In 1992, our tour with My Bloody Valentine concludes at the Palace in Hollywood, former home of, what else, the Hollywood Palace tv show.  At a post-concert soiree, Kevin Shields rolls a joint and then asks our tour manager Joe Puleo if he should roll another.  Little realizing the import of his words, Joe replies that if Kevin keeps rolling, he’ll keep smoking.  Some time later, most of us are ready to call it a night, and since we do everything as a group, we tell Joe it’s time to go.  He says his goodbyes, to which Kevin answers, “I win.”  Joe of course had forgotten about the challenge, if he ever took note of it in the first place,  smoking pot out of sheer love of the game.