Birthday (sea and) cake

One day after wishing Neil Young a happy birthday, we are doing the same for The Sea and Cake, who I believe are 21 today– if I am correct, our 11/12/93 show together at Lounge Ax was their first.  Ten years ago, we participated in the New Yorker Festival in Austin.  No doubt we enjoyed the evening, but what I really recall is the night before.  Already in Austin, we take in the Gary Panter, Seth, Adrian Tomine roundtable at the New Yorker Festival, and then scoot over to Antone’s where Neil Innes is performing.  Afterwards, we all gather for drinks, where we have the privilege of speaking the immortal sentence: “Mr. Innes, meet Mr. Panter; Mr. Panter, meet  Mr. Innes.”  (Yes, when the three of speak as one, we frequently utilize the semicolon.)

Dave writes from Auckland, and I’m going to quote him verbatim, as it’s more P.G. Wodehouse that way: My wife and I used ‘Centre of Gravity’ as our wedding song 13th November 1999.  People followed us onto the dance floor and moved pretty cool – well as cool as white people can dance. . . .  Please also play Auckland as well when you come down to Wellington, New Zealand.  Well, Dave, by now we all know that Auckland was not part of our 2014 itinerary.  Our apologies, but here’s hoping you got to see Dump, Animal Hospital, and Tall Dwarfs!!!