Around the world in a day

Closing night of our 1986 tour, in Cleveland.  Headliner Pete Shelley’s soundcheck goes so long that we are forced to set up and hastily check after doors open.  When we get back to the shared dressing room and find we have it to ourselves, we decide to make our displeasure known, and take a single cherry tomato from the catering and place it in an empty guitar case that’s been left there.  Speaking of Cleveland, twelve years later, it’s tension-free as we share a bill with David Thomas and Two Pale Boys in Edinburgh, unless you count David’s backstage dismissal of skim milk as tension.  He accepts our invitation to sing “Pushin’ Too Hard” with us, to which he adds some stellar Ace Tone work, particularly when he removes one of his shoes and places it across the keys.  And just last year, we can be found in Mexico City for a wild show that includes a bra being thrown onstage during “I’ll Be Around.”  (And its own Cleveland content: an encore of “Accident.”)