April 27, 2012

Tempted to exult in the Mets sweep of the “Miami” Marlins, we must redirect our attention to more hapless times, 50 years ago today, to be precise.  The Mets had returned home from Cincinnati, to host the Phillies, which meant that Richie Ashburn would be opposing his former team of 12 years.  In the top of the sixth inning, Joe’s brother Frank Torre hit a fly ball that Frank Thomas dropped for an error.  Could this be the outfield collision heard ’round the world?  Doubtful.  As detailed two days ago, we are under the impression that calling off Elio Chacon with the expression “yo la tengo” rather than the traditional “I’ve got it” came about after multiple miscommunication encounters.  Were the 1962 Mets sufficiently proactive (before such term even entered the jargon) to problem-solve in only Ashburn and Chacon’s second game together?  We vote no, and continue our search.