A trio grows in Hoboken

Tension’s running high on this day seven years ago at Sirius radio.  Our Left of the Dial session in the fish bowl studio goes ok, despite the distraction of seeing infamous enemy of trios, Little Steven, lurking on the premises.  (And yes, I know that when Little Steven critiqued the concept of the trio, he specifically carved out an exception for those like us who are “virtuoso musician based,” but nevertheless we remain just as offended on behalf of our less technically blessed brethren and sistren.)  But then, as we’re leaving, our paths cross in the hallway.  Awkward!  Three years later–and I’ll be honest, no closer to “making it” than we were in 2007–we’ve got a high profile show in Camden: WXPN’s eXPoNential festival.  We decide to leave nothing to chance and ask four members of the Sun Ra Arkestra to sit in on our final three numbers.  I can be obstinate at times–ask anyone–but I have to admit it went very well.