A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

We used to make a regular stop at the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of Enger, Germany, home of Forum Enger.  Easily the highlight of our first trip to Europe in 1987, we were brought back for so many encores that we started inserting songs we hadn’t rehearsed (and if you’ve got a recording of that show, please keep it to yourself!), and then hung out drinking beer and listening to records till daybreak–I know it was the first time I heard “Lee Remick” by the Go-Betweens.  Not sure when the club shut down; we played there for the last time in December 1993.  Anticipating our WFMU appearances by over two years, we played nothing but requests, among them the version of “We Are the Champions” that appeared on the Little Honda cd.  Seven years later, on this day 14 years ago, the club has relocated down the street a spell in Bielefeld.  We’re glad to be back.  We salute Robyn Hitchcock, last seen in Scotland a week earlier, and say all we’ve got to say with the only appearance on the tour of “Love Power.”