A Burger Maxwell in every pot

Of the dozens of times we played at Maxwell’s, the oddest might have taken place 22 years ago today.  We’re set up in the front room to provide some between-speech acoustic entertainment at a Clinton/Gore campaign event, and it turns out that my political rally default setting–basically less talk, more music–is not as universal as I once thought.  The only two people who don’t appear impatient for us to finish are Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate–I know they enjoy my mom’s rendition of “Griselda” (almost as much as they enjoy taunting my brother afterwards about missing it).  Three years later, our tour with Run On concludes at the Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica.  All four members of the band find their way on stage before the night is over, most spectacularly in a death-defying (perhaps I exaggerate) guitar handoff from Alan Licht to Sue Garner during the segue from “A House Is Not a Motel” to “Bad Politics.”