Love is in the (Buenos) Aires

Our second tour of South America was a mixed bag.  Stops in Chile and Brazil–the highlights of our 2001 trip–were completely dissatisfying festivals.  But fortunately we were not lied to in song: The best was yet to come, specifically two shows in Buenos Aires, the first one four years ago today.  There’s a little awkwardness when we arrive and find La Trastienda wallpapered in sponsorship.  Eventually, we compromise by agreeing to whatever they want to do so long as it’s off the stage.  The audience soon turns that into a hazy memory (truly: I’m thinking the sponsor was Coca-Cola, but can’t be sure).  During the quiet part of the set, we take a request and perform an impromptu two-acoustic-guitars version of “Deeper Into Movies”; the crowd is not as persuasive when they start ba-ba-ba-ing for “You Can Have It All” during the encore (except for those who came back the next night when we played it).  Perhaps best of all, our second show is on the eve of the day of respect for cultural diversity.  Our evening flight home allows us time to have a fantastic lunch and then take advantage of a parade route that is mere blocks from our hotel, marveling as indigenous Argentinians march by in eye-popping regalia.


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