Spanning the world

It took almost the entire year, but I believe this post will feature our first emoji!  (Unless, of course–and this is very fucking possible–it’s not actually an emoji, and I’ve just committed some hopelessly out-of-touch Internet Is A Series Of Tubes-like faux pas.)

Night two of our muy bueno visit to Buenos Aires and Santiago is there: I can tell that in October the 15th of 2010 YLT played in Buenos Aires, Argentina and that day my former girlfriend moved in with me after a rough period of long distance relationship.   It’s funny because today I’ve been thinking a lot about her and now I run into this 😀  That was a hell of a night, full of love, hope and music.  A pity it didn’t work out.  But that’s another story. . . .

Two years earlier, it’s another two-night run, this time in Taipei.  We play “Batman” for the recently deceased Neal Hefti.  And in 1987, we make a rare Hoboken appearance at someplace that’s not Maxwell’s, at a benefit for local fire victims.  Speed the Plough/Trypes/Yung Wu’s John Baumgartner sits in on organ and accordion for our short set.  Tune in next time . . . if there is a next time.