Sing no evil

Completing our birthday trilogy, we wish Terry Pearson many happy returns today.  In 1993, the celebration takes the form of his doing sound for us, but we do our best to make it special, inviting him onto the Lounge Ax stage to sing “Luxury Liner” and “Hickory Wind.”  Also today, we remember our old pal, the late, much-missed Aldo Jones of the Ben Vaughn Combo.  When both of our bands opened for Timbuk 3 at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City in 1988, he played upright bass on two songs during Georgia and my set.  Then we snuck out during the headliners for a late dinner.  Finally, we return to our Strange But True tour with Jad Fair, for the third time in four shows–it was that kind of trip.  Sixteen years ago today, we’re in D.C. at the Black Cat, and David Fair and Mark Jickling come by before we play to say hi.  We ask David if he’d consider singing a song, and though there’s some hemming and hawing, the answer is pretty much no.  Somehow by the time we get to the end of the set, he’s changed his mind, so for the encore we do a version of “Walk Through Walls” that if I had my way would still be going on: Mark on bass, David singing and playing guitar, Jad, James, Georgia and me.  And then my mind split open, to coin a phrase.