September 22, 2009

Thought I’d pipe up to thank everyone who came out last night in rain-soaked Asheville to take in the rock show at the Orange Peel.  Endless Boogie started things out with a monstrous one-song 50-minute set, doing whatever they call “Sister Ray” when Top Dollar eschews all mentions of ding-dongs.  We brought Mr. Dollar on stage for the final number of our site-specific three-song meteorological encore: the Dils/Rank and File’s “Sound of the Rain” (pretty sure I was mixing and matching the lyrics), the Beatles’ “Rain” (featuring Greg Cartwright on upside-down guitar), and the Velvet Underground’s “Hey Mr. Rain.”  Then we repaired to the bar for a restorative drink and to listen to some Grateful Dead.

Our mini-tour of the ‘villes continues tonight in Knoxville.  See you there.