March 13, 2003

Hey everybody,

I’m typing from the spacious dressing room at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA. A framed Jacob Lawrence poster is on the wall, and there are 3 coat hangers but no coats–it’s 70°. We’re making our way to the South by Southwest convention the long way, taking a whole bunch of our new songs to the people, at least the people in Chapel Hill, Athens, and tonight Atlanta. It’s been a while since we’ve toured, so naturally we’re taking things slowly at first: here it is our fourth day out and we’ve still yet to eat barbecue more than once in a day.

The Glands have played all three shows with us. They’re great. If I can be allowed some constructive criticism, however, I think it’s somewhat impolite to play an instrumental snippet from the Four Seasons’ "Oh What a Night" at soundcheck and then not do the whole song during your set. In Chapel Hill, Chris "Summer Sun" Stamey performed too, and when he opened with "Something Came Over Me," I got goosebumps.

We want to let you know or remind you that we’ll be on WFMU on Saturday night, helping out during their fundraising marathon. You can listen on and if you pledge money to the station, you get to make a request. And we’ll try to play it. Sure it’s humiliating, but it’s for a great cause. This year, due to our travel schedule back from Austin, we won’t be on at our normal time of 5-7 pm (now once again manned by "The Great" Gaylord Fields). Instead, we’ll hit at 9 pm, and carry on till midnight, with your host Tamar (Gaylord will co-host) (that’s the Eastern time zone). Hope you can tune in.

Georgia did her Disastodrome bit two weeks ago. This reporter thought it was amazing. George Wendt, Van Dyke Parks, and Georgia — I know, what took so long?

That’s about it. We’re going to see if we can’t provide these "news" reports every week. Summer Sun comes out on April 8.