Big day off

Recently, I recollected the debut of “Big Day Coming” at Maxwell’s, Tim Harris on bass.  Even more recently (minutes ago), I realized that that was in fact the second time we played the song–the first one being exactly a month earlier, with Gene Holder on bass, opening our show at Club Babyhead in Providence.  Obviously we need a little more research and a little less development here at YLT R&D.  Consequently, no unsupportable claims for our appearance at Reckless Records in Chicago 22 years ago today.  Instead of our usual acoustic record-store strategy (as heard two days earlier at Let It Be in Minneapolis and two days later at Used Kids in Columbus), we play electric: a one-song set comprised of a l-o-n-g “Big Day Coming.”  How else did we spend our day off between Lounge Ax and Champaign?  Cubs-PiratesLeon’s?  I must yet again admit inadequate research.