Ralph Kiner

My old friend Bruce emailed me yesterday to ask if we were going to pay tribute to Ralph Kiner.  In 1969, we would meet every morning at our lockers at PVC middle school and one would ask the other, “How about those Mets?” after the formerly hapless team we both loved had somehow or other won another game.  We were glued to Channel 9 on tv and AM radio’s WJRZ, which meant we were glued to the broadcast team of Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner. The Mets have played 52 seasons, and for every one of them, Ralph Kiner’s been in the broadcast booth.  Season 53 just got a lot sadder.  A few years ago, our pal Steve Thornton put together this film in which we acknowledge Ralph’s iconic postgame show, Kiner’s Korner.

Kaplan’s Korner | Yo La Tengo