Lucy’s, Tramps & Reeves

On this date in 1994, we were in the latter stages of preparing to record Electr-o-pura, our second album with Roger Moutenot and the first to be made in Nashville.  Before leaving, we shared a bill with Stereolab at Tramps in New York, opening the show with the one and only live rendition of “Superstar-Watcher” and closing the set with the premiere of “Blue Line Swinger.”  Two years later, we’re finishing up a different session in Nashville with Roger, the one that yielded I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.  Determining that the only way we will get to see Lambchop perform during our monthlong stay is by scheduling a date with them, we do just that.  Both bands appear together at Lucy‘s Record Shop.  Our set includes barely a hint of what we’ve been working on (we’d yet to figure out how to make those multitracked recordings work with only six hands), but hopefully those in attendance enjoyed the septet version of “I Heard You Looking.”  All that’s left to do before I sign off today is come up with a way to justify that headline.