Do you like my new carnation?

Twenty-seven years ago today, we take another step towards becoming a full-time trio, opening for the Neats at T.T. the Bear in Cambridge.  We play nearly the same set we did earlier in the month.  Come April, kinda like Vince Guaraldi before us, we will cast our fate to the (trio) wind.

Elsewhere, we recently heard from Rich Barnes of Wild Carnation: I’m hoping you have a record of the date of a show you did at Maxwell’s sometime in March or very early April of 1992.

Chris [O’Donovan] and I went to that show, and Brenda [Sauter, of the Feelies, Trypes, and Speed the Plough] was there too – I was standing on one side of the red pole, and she was on the other.  We didn’t know her but Chris approached her and asked if she would be interested in playing bass with us, gave her a cassette of some demos I had made, and the rest, as they say, is history.  It’s an important date for us and I have been meaning to ask for a while – we may have never met if it wasn’t for that show.

I’m pretty sure it would have been mid to late March ’92. We didn’t hear from her right away – I was sure that she had listened to the tape on the way home in the car and threw it out the window – but she called on April 8.  She didn’t even have a cassette player in the car!

We’re on it, Chris: The date was March 21, 1992 (we were preceded by God Is My Co-Pilot).   The debut of “I Heard You Looking” ended our set.  Incidentally, Wild Carnation were playing at Maxwell’s with the Bats–revisiting the location and bill of their very first show–on the night last year when the club announced its closing.