Disappear Fear and loathing in Madison

I don’t remember the sequence of events that led us to open for Disappear Fear in Madison, Wisconsin on this date in 1993, but I am pretty confident in my recollection that no one was happy with the outcome.  We were playing at the Club De Wash, on a stage that could not easily accommodate two bands.  Tense negotiations resulted in our having sufficient room to set up (I suspect a drum kit was struck against Disappear Fear’s wishes).  After soundcheck, we watched Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal between the Knicks and Hornets.  The game was close, and went right up to and past our start time.  And then it went into overtime.  We managed to stall until the Knicks prevailed, which couldn’t have done anything good for tension between the bands.  There’s no punchline to this story, unless this counts.