Detouring America with Stephan

Twenty-eight years ago today, Georgia, Dave Schramm, Stephan and I get in the station wagon for our first full-fledged tour.  A roaring success it will not be, and things get off to an appropriately inauspicious start on opening night at J.C. Dobbs in Philadelphia.  Headliner Smash Palace (ex-Quincy) did not want to move their drum kit, a common occurrence–we too leave ours in place when the stage size allows.  The small Dobbs stage did not leave that possibility (nor in fact did it fit more than two people standing next to each other), so Georgia was told to use Smash Palace’s drums instead of her own, with the proviso that she wouldn’t change the way they were set up.  Problem: Georgia’s left-handed, and SP’s drummer was righty.  Can’t recall how this situation was resolved, but I’m reasonably sure it involved cheesesteaks at Jim’s and shopping at Philadelphia Record Exchange.   Today, J.C. Dobbs operates as The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia Record Exchange has left its longtime South Street home, but Smash Palace rocks on!


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